Copyright 2005, JFK Flag Art

All the photos/images found here on this website are now protected by international copyright law. Visiting my site grants you a personal license to view the images on your personal computer and to share a few of them with your friends and family through email

No photo/image on the site, be it a thumbnail, low or high resolution, may be used in any way other than as personal wallpaper. I do NOT allow prints/reprints of these for personal use or for distribution in a commercial or non-profit way. No-one is allowed to post them on any public or private websites, whether they be non-profit or commercial. You cannot distribute them on any storage media, for example CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, ZIP, floppy, LS-120, USB, tape media, SD, Compact Flash, Smart Media, MMC, XD, any other media stick format, Blu-ray, holographic or any newer storage media, or in a type of compressed or backup archive file like zip, rar, gz, or tar files. In no way can you alter the photos/images or use any part/element from them in your own work, or work for another person/company (in a personal or commercial way).

If you would like to use/lease my artwork for prints/reprints or for a mass distribution, you can contact me by email at with any of your requirements and your timeline. I require a full copy of proof-of-concept or any other draft through final copy of your distribution before we can come to any agreement. I will provide a mailling address if email is inconvenient or your distribution is ill-fitting for email. Please wait approximately a month due to backlog of requests. If you have not heard from me, do NOT consider putting up images or using them for distribution until you have heard back from, just because I have not replied, does not give you any right to use them.

*Students are an exception: I allow use of my graphics on your personal website BUT only if it is listed is on a , .edu or other educational domain (like "k12.*" or something recognizable established as an educational web server) and ONLY then if it is being used for educational use only, not for advertisement or any other use. I also request that you add a link to my website somewhere on the website, preferably near the photos/images in use. I also request you send me the link to your site so I can check it out.

*Owners are another exception: If you have purchased my artwork and wish to publish images on your personal/commercial webite, or for distribution, I would ask that you send me a copy of it or link to it also to make sure it is being rendered in a tasteful way and for personal reference.

**Students, owners and leased licensees: If you have been given/allowed the rights to publish my artwork on your website, the images may be resized but I request that you in no way crop or modify them. Each image/photo is of a distinctive work of art or photograph that has been seen by millions of people around the world. Anyone familiar with my work and will probably contact me if they see that my work has been incorporated into another design or misused in any way.

***Links: Anyone who wishes to provide a link to my site, must use this image, it can be resized to fit your requirements. You can only use this image to provide a link to my site, it cannot be used in any other way. Please contact me before you do use it and send me a copy of the link page to preview and approve before uploading. If you wish to have me post a link to your website, please email me with your requirements. There is no charge for links from my website, but I will only post a link on the site if you return the favor in good faith.

There are no other exceptions to the previously stated rules.

REMINDER: An unanswered email does not mean that you have my permission to use any of the images/photos found here.